Troubleshooting Webflow and Splied Integration Issues

In this meeting, David discusses his recent learnings about splied, JavaScript, and Webflow. He mentions that he discovered version 4 of splied and was advised to work with version 3 due to spotty support. He also encountered issues with deleting jQuery, which caused problems. David discusses the challenges he faced with Webflow, particularly with unordered lists being too narrow, making them invisible on the page. He shares his strategy of updating the class in Webflow to address this issue. He also mentions using examples and code from splied for an image carousel, but he encountered problems with only five of the elements showing up. He explores adjusting the width of the image element through the unsplash API. Additionally, David mentions using HTML embed and replicating HTML to style elements in Webflow. He discusses the challenges of accessing and styling arrows in Webflow CSS that are related to splied elements on other pages. Ray suggests creating an element and attaching a class to alter the styling. The meeting concludes with a friendly exchange and the participants discovering that they both live in Austin.

(Source: Office Hours 12/23 )

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