Troubleshooting Webflow Responsiveness & CMS Integration

In this meeting, the State Changers (Kamir, James) discuss a web development issue related to responsive design in Webflow. Kamir shares his screen and explains that when he clicks on the responsive option, certain elements on his page do not adjust properly. James suggests using EMs instead of pixels for responsiveness and offers a tutorial on the topic. They go on to discuss the best practices for building responsive websites and provide recommendations for fixing Kamir's issue. They also discuss the possibility of using Webflow's CMS collections and integrating an API from Xano to display frequently asked questions. They cover the benefits of using Webflow CMS for search engine optimization (SEO) and suggest syncing data between Zendesk and Webflow. Finally, they discuss the process of importing data from Zendesk to Webflow and strategize the best approach for data synchronization. James offers to provide further assistance and resources, and they agree to continue working on the issues.

(Source: Office Hours 11/30 )

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