Troubleshooting Weweb API integration in Xano

During the meeting, the State Changers discussed a troubleshooting issue related to a missing category in a function called "Funk 3". One participant shared their screen and explained that they were getting the desired result when they ran the code with a stop and debug, but encountered an issue when they removed it.

To tackle the problem, the participants suggested adding an if-then statement to check if the response or categories were missing in "Funk 3". They recommended using filters and setting up a trap to pinpoint the error location. The goal was to gather diagnostics and find out what specifically failed. They also mentioned the possibility of skipping over the error and continuing with the next step. They discussed adding custom error messages and creating an array called "errors" to handle error feedback to the frontend. Overall, the participants worked together to troubleshoot the issue and offered suggestions for resolving it.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 6/15 )

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