Troubleshooting Wized and Webflow Integration

In this meeting, David and Bailey discuss an issue with a repeating group disappearing in Wisland. They suspect that the setup between Wized and Webflow may have been done improperly. Bailey guides David through checking the settings, header, and body tags to ensure everything is set up correctly. They also discuss differences between Wized's tutorial and what they are seeing. Bailey suggests adding a font directly to Webflow for optimization purposes.

They then proceed to the Wized dashboard and copy an embed code to paste into the header on Webflow. They make the windows full screen to better view the design. Bailey asks David about the multiple containers on the homepage and David explains that they have set them up as splied too as a combo class, and there is one container that is not showing up at all. Bailey requests control to do some debugging and examines the page settings and JavaScript. They work on identifying the issues with the setup and make necessary changes. Next, Bailey helps David with the API configuration in Xano. They set the base URL of the API and make adjustments to the URL endpoint. They test the API request and it returns the desired data. Bailey suggests some improvements to the attribute setup for rendering the data. They continue to debug the issue of rendering the list and discuss the possibility of a bug or project-related issues. Bailey suggests restarting Webflow from scratch by removing all the code and starting with just the Wized code. They also discuss the option of making a backup in Webflow to have a copy of the previous state. Bailey mentions that they will be available in the office hours tomorrow to provide further assistance. They exchange information on how to join the office hours and plan to reconvene then. Overall, the meeting focuses on troubleshooting and refining the setup between Wized and Webflow, and discussing potential solutions for the disappearing repeating group issue.

(Source: Office Hours 12/15 )

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