Troubleshooting Wized Iteration and Modal Issues

In this meeting, the State Changer is discussing an issue they are facing with their Wized implementation. They have an array of KPIs and financial ratios, and they are trying to open a modal for each item in the array. However, when they try to set the goal using a specific endpoint, they encounter an error. The State Changer is unsure if this is a technical issue with Wized or if they are missing something.

Another participant, David, explains that the "r seven d" in the code stands for the request or function. They suggest looking at the URL and the network tab in the dev tools to gain more insight into the issue. They also suggest checking for any JavaScript errors in the console. The State Changer and David explore the network tab and console to identify the problem. They discover that instead of using the correct ID (115), the code is using "KPI gauge chart zero". This is because Wized is using the ID from the page element, rather than the ID from the JSON data. They discuss using custom attributes in Wized to solve this issue. The meeting concludes with the State Changer understanding the problem and planning to troubleshoot using the new information provided. They express gratitude for the help and agree to meet again if needed.

(Source: Office Hours 1/26 )

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