Troubleshooting Xano and Google OAuth Integration

During the meeting, State Changers discussed an issue with Google Lowoff that has been troubling Bryce for a long time. They suspect that the "precondition failed" notification is coming back from Xano. They went through the endpoint where the auth token is sent for redemption and checked the input for any issues. They also ensured that the redirect URLs matched and there were no problems with the Google console setup.

They decided to directly test the process in Xano using the run and debug feature instead of going through Whiz. They found that the process worked fine and received a token without any errors. However, they discovered that the user creation was failing due to a duplicate record issue. They examined the request history and found that the code being passed was URL encoded. They identified the need to decode the code at the frontend or backend to resolve this issue. They discussed a bug in Xano's marketplace for Google auth related to this and decided to implement a data manipulation step to handle the decoding. The meeting ended with Bryce being instructed to try the new approach, while also giving Anthony the opportunity to address his own tasks.

(Source: Office Hours 2/2 )

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