Troubleshooting Xano and Webflow features, working with regex, and formatting text

In this meeting, the participants discuss troubleshooting the use of regular expressions (regex) in Xano for data cleaning. They share their experiences using Xano's webflow connector and suggest using external APIs instead. They also discuss the limitations of Xano's external connectors and the importance of focusing on improving core features. The meeting participants then explore how to implement a function called "SLogify" to clean up text and remove formatting using regex. They test different regex expressions and explore possible solutions from Stack Overflow. They discuss the challenges of implementing more complex solutions and advise against relying too heavily on regex if not necessary. They also discuss the impact of introducing a reverse proxy to Webflow for resolving certain issues. Towards the end of the meeting, they explore using Lambdas in Xano to strip HTML formatting from text and discuss different approaches found on Stack Overflow. They experiment with different solutions and offer suggestions for how to handle specific issues with quotation marks. Finally, they discuss a display issue in Webflow where responsive resizing does not work as expected and speculate on the cause, likely due to the complex nature and limitations of Webflow's underlying code. The meeting concludes with a friendly farewell.

(Source: Office Hours 12/2 )

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