Troubleshooting Xano and Weweb Integration

In this meeting, the participants, State Changers Ray and George, discuss two issues. The first issue is related to a problem with Xano where the password matching for password reset is not working as expected. Ray suggests checking the hashing of the passwords and they debug the code to find the issue. They discover that there is a random number being added during hashing, which prevents the passwords from matching. Ray explains that this is a security measure to prevent brute force attacks and suggests changing the comparison to compare the clear text passwords instead of the hashes.

The second issue discussed is about integrating Typeform into a web page using Webflow. George explains that he wants to pass a token from one page to another using a hidden field in Typeform. Ray suggests using a custom attribute, "data-wl", in Webflow to pass the token and using that attribute in the Typeform embed to set the hidden field value. They test the implementation and find that the attribute is not being read correctly due to the way it is added in Webflow. Ray suggests modifying the JavaScript code for the Typeform embed to ensure the attribute is read correctly. Towards the end of the meeting, they discuss a delay in the script execution and how to solve it by incorporating a loading spinner until all operations are completed. Ray suggests further research and proposes using multiple lines of code instead of the one-liner approach currently used for the embed. The meeting concludes with Ray agreeing to investigate further and provide a solution by the end of the week.

(Source: Office Hours 12/7 )

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