Troubleshooting Xano and Weweb Integration Issues

In this meeting, the State Changers, Scott and Bailey, are discussing issues with a web application. They are encountering problems with the user interface, specifically with making adjustments and changing values. They are experiencing delays and inaccuracies when inputting data and changing fields. They suspect that the backend system, Xano, is not handling the data correctly.

To troubleshoot, Scott suggests looking at the request history and payload data to see what is being sent to the backend. They discover that the payload is not including all the necessary fields, resulting in null values being recorded as zeros. They also notice that when one field is changed, it affects other fields. To address the issue, Scott suggests creating separate endpoints for each section of data to simplify the process and avoid conflicts. He also mentions the possibility of changing the way data is sent to Xano by explicitly specifying the key and value pairs for each field. Additionally, they discuss the response time of Xano and suggest monitoring it through browser dev tools. They also consider publishing the application temporarily to test if that improves performance. Bailey mentions that zeros cannot be changed and encounters a 400 error when trying to set a field to zero. They discuss the possibility of re-synchronizing the application or creating a new endpoint to address this issue. In conclusion, Scott advises Bailey to try creating separate endpoints for each section and to reach out to him through Slack for further assistance. The meeting then shifts to addressing David's concerns.

(Source: Office Hours 12/5 )

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