Troubleshooting Xano API Error with Geo Coordinates

In this meeting, the participants discussed the State Changers group and its usefulness in learning from other people's issues. They also mentioned a resource called Xano, run by Ray, which provides office hours for State Changers. Additionally, there was a discussion about the participant's YouTube channel where they posted tutorials on various topics including Weweb, Zano, and Flutterflow.

The participant raised an issue they were experiencing while using the Weweb web function. Specifically, they were receiving an error message stating "unable to locate input geo coordinates." The meeting participants proceeded to troubleshoot the issue by examining the request history and the edit record call in Xano. They discovered that the issue may be caused by the geo coordinates field, which was not nullable. They suggested changing the object filter from "first not empty" to "set if not empty" to resolve the problem. Overall, the meeting focused on discussing resources like the State Changers group and troubleshooting an issue with the Weweb web function in Xano.

(Source: Bonus - Ray At Xano Office Hours 9/12/2023 )

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