Troubleshooting Xano Authentication and Debugging in JavaScript

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed the issue of individually calling users in the Xano endpoint. Currently, even if the ID of a non-company user is entered, the data is still accessible. The suggested solution is to modify the endpoint to check the authentication of the user and the company they belong to. If the company is not the same, the endpoint should end the process. It is recommended to create a function for this check to be used in multiple endpoints if necessary.

Another topic to cover in the next meeting is console logging and breakpoints. There is an issue with listening for multiple variables at the same time in the Wized API. This causes a problem with a chart not showing when one of the variables is missing. The State Changers want to understand why console logs are not always displaying, even when correctly written, and how to use breakpoints effectively in the sources tab. The meeting ended with a humorous remark and the plan to meet again next week.

(Source: Deep Dive - Browser Devtools 7/19/23 )

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