Troubleshooting Xano error in editing record

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss an error that one participant, George, encountered while working with Xano. The error has no error code and a blank message. They speculate that the error may be caused by trying to edit a record that doesn't exist and discuss modifying the function to handle this case. However, the modified code still produces the same error. They then talk about using an audit log to track the function's execution and add audit log entries before and after the edit record step to help diagnose the issue. They use a stop and debug method to identify the problem and find that it's occurring within a loop. To further narrow down the cause, they use a copy-paste technique and check if the function completes the loop or gets stuck before the next iteration. They also discuss the importance of not solely relying on error messages and instead using debugging techniques to troubleshoot issues. The meeting ends with the State Changers expressing gratitude and planning for future meetings.

(Source: Office Hours 6/23/23 )

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