Troubleshooting Zapier integration with Ashby's API and site

In this meeting, the State Changers, Baley, discuss an issue with Zapier and Ashby integration. Baley shares their screen to show the problem they are facing with the API request. They compare the request made in Postman, which is successful, with the one made in Zapier, which returns a bad request error. They suspect that the difference may be due to the request headers and form data being sent.

To troubleshoot further, they use a website called to inspect the requests made by both Postman and Zapier. They discover that the main difference is in the format of the request body, with Zapier sending the data as multi-part form data, while Postman sends it as JSON. They also notice that the file attachment in the request may be causing the issue. They experiment with different settings in Zapier, such as changing the form field names and removing unnecessary headers, but the issue persists. At the end of the meeting, Baley suggests trying a few more solutions and promises to do some research to find a possible workaround. They plan to message the participants on the forum with any new information or solutions found. The meeting concludes with the State Changers expressing their gratitude and making plans for future meetings.

(Source: Office Hours 11/11 )

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