Uncovering Functionality and Exploring Terminal Commands for Application Export

The meeting participants, referred to as State Changers: Functionality and Amir, discuss the magic spell combined prompt command and its usage. Amir enquires about Ray's exploration of the terminal command for exporting the application, as there is limited documentation available. Ray explains that he stumbled upon the flutter flow package on Pub dev, which led him to the export code command. He suggests using the dash help option to get more information and instructions for command line programs, as it is often more accurate and up to date than website documentation. Ray emphasizes the importance of exploring and investigating the source code if necessary. He also mentions that having command line proficiency can aid in discovering new features. The participants conclude that using dash help is a convention for accessing a list of available commands and obtaining technical information directly from the code creator.

(Source: Office Hours Extra - Flutterflow Export 6/5 )

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