Understanding and Managing Environment Variables in Xano and API Calls

In this meeting, Eddie has two questions regarding the environment variables of Xano. He wants to know if the variables are global and if there is a way to hide or extract them so they don't pass through other calls to different services. The State Changers confirm that the environment variables are indeed global and cannot be segmented off for different APIs. They explain that this is intentional to maintain security, as the variables are stored inside the machine and are not exposed in the runtime. They suggest that if the variables are not being called from the code, they should not be exposed. Eddie mentions a specific issue where he sees the environment variables being passed in a PDF generation call, which should not happen. The State Changers believe this could be a runtime issue or a setup mistake. They advise him to check the run and debug settings in Xano, which might display the environment variables during testing. Overall, the State Changers clarify the nature of the problem and assure Eddie that most environment variables should not be going anywhere outside of Xano. Eddie expresses his gratitude for the information and feels more confident in understanding the issue.

(Source: Office Hours 7/11 )

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