Understanding and Manipulating Authentication in Wized

In this meeting, the State Changers, Evan and Melissa, discuss a technical issue with Wized. Evan wants to authorize himself within Wized without breaking anything in the production app. He mentions using Loom to explain the problem and asks if they can schedule a meeting at a more compatible time for Evan. Melissa suggests creating a Loom video and getting started with some solutions before the next meeting. Evan explains that when he tries to log in to Wized, it does not send the authorization code. Melissa suggests creating a function in Xano to generate an authentication token and explains how to use it. They also discuss manipulating the cookies and try different approaches to solving the issue. However, they are unable to find a solution within the duration of the meeting and plan to continue troubleshooting offline and discuss it again in the next meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 7/14 )

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