Understanding and Solving Component Rebuilding Issue in FlutterFlow

In this meeting, State Changer Pavel raises a question about a strange behavior in an app that happens on iPhone but not on the web. The discussion revolves around how components work in Android and the fact that they constantly reconstruct themselves based on the new state. This causes the app to fetch data repeatedly, leading to excessive queries. Several solutions are suggested, including making data load part of the page life cycle instead of the component life cycle, introducing a data state management system, or implementing caching on the backend. The participants also discuss the difference between the web and native app versions and the importance of early testing on devices. Daniel is tagged in to provide further insights, and it is suggested that a deep dive session should be organized to address this problem in more detail. Pavel acknowledges the help and expresses the need to hear from Daniel and others who have experience with this issue. The meeting concludes with the plan to involve relevant stakeholders and wait for Daniel's input.

(Source: Office Hours 8/7/2023 )

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