Understanding and Structuring Orders for B Post Integration

In this meeting, State Changers Ray discussed their confusion around accessing specific files and provided some initial information about their project. They mentioned using Hope Scotch and receiving a dot txt file, as well as opening Xano. They expressed uncertainty about whether the information they have is sufficient to complete their task. They discussed the need to understand what changes should be made during each transaction and what they want to accomplish with the transaction. Ray mentioned that they currently have a test setup with basic product information, such as name, price, and description. They discussed the process of sending an order to B Post and determining the product name and price to be submitted. They considered whether they should include the pricing in the order lines and mentioned the importance of understanding the business logic involved. They also planned to review the documentation for B Post to gain more clarity. They emphasized the need for a conversation with Kristoff to ensure a better understanding of the project details. They acknowledged the learning curve involved in working on a complex e-commerce system and sought assistance in clarifying the processes and data involved. They mentioned their location in Uganda and their plan to have a conversation with Kristoff in the near future. They expressed a desire to know what steps to take next and how to proceed with Hopscotch and the Xano tables. Ray appreciated the guidance and expressed a willingness to watch the recording of the meeting for further clarification. Overall, they sought assistance in breaking down the problem into manageable parts and gaining clarity on the data structure.

(Source: Office Hours 7/13/2023 )

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