Understanding API Calls and Handling Response Objects in Xano

In this meeting, David discusses his question about structuring API calls. He shares his screen and explains that he has an API that retrieves information about a nonprofit based on its director's ID number. He demonstrates how it works and mentions a debug feature that can disrupt the functionality. Claudia suggests saving the changes and refreshing the page to resolve any issues. David continues to explain that when he receives the API response in Xano, there is no name for the object and he is unsure how to handle it. A suggestion is made to use the console.log function to examine the object and its structure. It is clarified that the top-level object is called "dude" and contains information about the nonprofit. By accessing the "dude" object, David can retrieve the specific information he needs, such as the ID. The meeting concludes with the question of whether this solution meets David's requirements.

(Source: Office Hours 9/12 )

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