Understanding API Responses and Authentication Flow

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss some conceptual questions related to building APIs and authentication. They start by discussing when it is necessary to have a response in API calls. It is mentioned that responses should provide the necessary information for the front end to make intelligent decisions, but sometimes a simple confirmation is sufficient. They also discuss how authenticated endpoints work and the process involved in accessing certain data based on the user's association with it.

Regarding securing webhooks, they discuss adding custom headers and suggest using the "HTTP headers" environment variable to retrieve the necessary information. They provide guidance on how to handle authorization based on the headers and explain the underlying structure of HTTP headers. Lastly, they touch on the topic of creating a dynamic dropdown or select field for line items. It is suggested to look at existing applications and reference points to determine the best UI approach. They mention a search-type interface or looking at financial software for inspiration. The State Changers plan to continue discussing and refining this UI component. Overall, the meeting covers topics related to API responses, authentication, securing webhooks, and UI/UX considerations for line item selection.

(Source: Office Hours 2/17 )

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