Understanding Async Await and Controlling Timing in JavaScript

In this meeting, the State Changer: Opportunity discussed the topic of async/await in JavaScript. They shared their experience of encountering errors in their code due to not using async/await syntax properly. They explained that JavaScript is a single-threaded language and it allows for user interaction by creating white space for user actions. They highlighted the significance of using async/await to avoid blocking the page while performing tasks that involve network requests.

The meeting participants also discussed the order in which different events fire in JavaScript, such as the window load event and the document load event. They emphasized the need to understand the timing considerations and choose the appropriate event for specific tasks. The participants demonstrated the use of async/await and showed how to control the timing of events in JavaScript code. Overall, the meeting provided insights into the importance of using async/await syntax to avoid blocking the page and discussed the order of event firing in JavaScript.

(Source: Deep Dive Javascript For Low Code Part 2 8/18/2023 )

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