Understanding Boolean Logic and Syntax in Xano

In this meeting, the State Changers, And and Anaya, discussed an example of a logical question related to bullying. And wanted to understand the usage of "empty" and "null" in a conditional statement. Anaya explained that Boolean logic consists of true and false values, where "and" means both sides need to be true and "or" means only one side needs to be true. They discussed the use of "where" in the context of either "and" or "or" statements. Anaya clarified that "where" is a term borrowed from SQL and is used for conditional filtering. They mentioned that when dealing with complex bullying logic, it could indicate a need for more careful thinking or potential confusion. They also discussed the difference between "null" and "empty" in relation to the message object. Anaya explained that if the value is null, it will show up as "null" in JSON, while empty would indicate that the value was not present. They concluded by sharing additional resources for further understanding bullying logic.

(Source: Office Hours 8/19 )

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