Understanding OAuth 2.0 Authentication Flow with Grain

In this meeting, the participants discuss the process of implementing authentication with the Grain API. They mention that Grain aims to provide a flow that allows applications to operate solely from the front end without needing a backend. They discuss the use of PKCE (Proof Key for Code Exchange) as a security measure when logging in. The participants agree that in order to use Grain, they will need to obtain a client ID and client secret from Grain. They explain that the client ID is exposed publicly, while the client secret is kept private. The participants discuss the steps involved in the authentication process, including making requests to Grain's authorized endpoint, receiving a code, and exchanging that code for an access token. They mention that implementing the authentication flow with Xano as the backend is possible and recommend reviewing past examples for guidance. The participants also highlight the importance of careful implementation due to limited diagnostic information provided by Grain in case of errors. They advise focusing on the key components and not adding unnecessary complexity. The participants offer assistance in working through any issues that may arise during the implementation process.

(Source: Office Hours 6/30 )

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