Understanding Password Authentication Setup and Handling Unhandled Errors during Authentication

During the meeting, the participant asked about confirming the setup for password authentication and understanding an unhandled error feature in Bubble. The State Changer confirmed the setup and explained that an unhandled error occurs when something goes wrong in the application. Two recommended actions for handling unhandled errors were discussed: logging the error for future reference and redirecting the user back to the login page. The participant also asked about a refresh token pattern and offline access in Xano. The State Changer explained that a refresh token can be used to keep the user logged in for longer periods and suggested searching for tutorials on how to implement this pattern. The State Changer also mentioned that Auth0 or similar services could be considered in the future for more complex authentication needs. It was agreed to table the Auth0 discussion for now and focus on the current setup.

(Source: Office Hours 11/2 )

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