Understanding Text Formatting and Encoding for Data Transfer

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed the concept of "wash" in relation to text. They explained that "washing" the text refers to cleaning it for the specific service it is being used for. They mentioned that the way underlying systems think about text is different from how it appears on a printed page. They gave an example of how quotation marks may appear differently when formatted for code. They explained that these differences are due to the specific UTF codes associated with certain characters, which may be outside the bounds of the data structures used by Xano and Postgres. They also mentioned non-printing characters and encoding differences for similar-looking characters like the m dash and hyphen. They highlighted the importance of explicit encoding when transferring text, suggesting JSON as a preferred format due to its ability to handle special characters using techniques like backslashes. They also discussed the lack of a standard for CSV files and how the generation of special characters can vary depending on the software used. The meeting concluded with understanding and appreciation of the information shared.

(Source: Office Hours 7/3/2023 )

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