Understanding URLs and Troubleshooting with Xano, Wized, and FlutterFlow

In this meeting, the participants discuss the importance of a fully qualified URL and how to ensure its accuracy. They explain that a URL consists of several parts, including the scheme (HTTP or HTTPS), the host name (such as app.wized.com), the path, the search string, and sometimes a fragment. They note that it is crucial to include the scheme (HTTPS) in the URL to distinguish it as a host and to ensure security. They recommend always using HTTPS and suggest checking whether a URL starts with HTTP to determine if it needs to be changed. They propose using Xano to test URLs by making an HTTP request and checking for a successful response. They suggest creating a function in Xano to clean and update URLs that don't start with HTTP, either by adding the scheme or leaving them unchanged. They emphasize the importance of clean data and suggest integrating the URL validation process into the onboarding function stack in Xano. They also briefly discuss authentication and mention exploring OAuth or other authentication options, such as Weweb, as alternatives to Bubble. They stress the importance of feeling confident and secure with the chosen tool and emphasize the need for good support and documentation. The meeting concludes with a discussion about Flutterflow and assisting Greg with an issue related to uploading a photo.

(Source: Office Hours 1/9 )

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