Understanding Xano API and Webflow Form Submissions

In this meeting, the main topic of discussion is accessing and storing authentication tokens in Webflow using Xano. One participant raises the issue of not being able to find the code mentioned in a video by Chris. They suggest that videos should include links to the code for easier access. Although the participant is an investor in Xano, they clarify that they do not work there and advise the team to forward the feedback. Another participant asks about uploading videos and accessing headers in Webflow. They express the need to know how to access information in Webflow for subsequent API calls and activities. The conversation then moves to discussing the JavaScript code for login and registration pages in Webflow. The participants examine the code and discuss how to set authentication tokens in local storage using the setItem function. They also mention using console.log to understand the response from API calls. The participants agree that watching Chris's videos would be helpful in understanding the code better. They highlight the importance of being able to collect form data on the front end and send it to the back end using Xano in Webflow.

(Source: Office Hours 2/14 )

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