Unraveling the Complexity of Webflow and API Integrations

In this meeting, the following key points were discussed:

- There was an issue with the first menu not working properly, and it was suggested to recreate it to solve the problem. - There was a discussion about preserving the styling of a text box within the menu and how to apply it to the new menu. - The team encountered some difficulties with links and explored different options to resolve the issue. - A recommendation was made to recreate the menu from the front-end as there seemed to be a configuration issue with the underlying JSON file. - There was a question about the tech stack for another product, specifically regarding the integration of GPT, Webflow, and OpenAI. - It was clarified that Wiz is a tool for adding more JavaScript code and interactivity to Webflow environments. - Members Stack was discussed as a tool for user authentication and membership management but was deemed unnecessary in this case. - The question of dynamically displaying GPT output without reloading the page was raised, and it was suggested that JavaScript could accomplish this without needing Wiz. - Different tools, including Wized, Script.tech, and Weweb, were mentioned as options for creating dynamic web applications. - An alternative method for form submissions that bypasses Webflow and reduces hosting costs was recommended, using a script provided by Chris Coleman at Xano. - A limitation with Saxo regarding image uploads was discussed, and a workaround with direct image upload to Xano was suggested. - It was advised to process OpenAI API requests through the back end rather than using Wized to prevent API key exposure and unauthorized usage. - The importance of user login, throttling, and state management for security and efficient system usage was emphasized. - Stripe was recommended for managing paid users and subscriptions, and integrating it with Xano was discussed. - The confusion about using Wized to display output versus running API calls to OpenAI was resolved. - The meeting concluded with a request to check in with Daniel for further discussion.

(Source: Office Hours 5/3 )

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