Using Browser Automation Tools to Extract Information for Xano

In this meeting, the participants discuss the process of extracting code snippets and authentication information from the browser to be used in Xano. They mention the use of Lambda and libraries like Axios to fetch data. They explain that the code snippet provided is specific to the browser context and relies on logging into Go High Level to extract the necessary information. They explore options for obtaining an API key, including using browser flow or other browser automation technologies. They discuss the capabilities of browser flow and how it can be used to automate tasks and send data to Xano via an HTTP request. They mention alternative services like Phantom Buster for more precise automation tasks. The meeting concludes with a discussion about Startup School by Y Combinator, a free online course that offers valuable business advice. The participant expresses the need to focus not only on solving technical challenges but also on how to sell and grow a business. The meeting ends with the participant's plan to work with browser flow and implement the discussed steps.

(Source: Office Hours 8/12 )

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