Using Flutter and FlutterFlow: Installing and Running Code Locally

In this meeting, the participants discuss the installation and usage of Flutter, specifically version 3.7.12. They mention using the command "flutter --version" to check the installed version. They also discuss the importance of having the code running on each individual's machine. They mention using Dart and the Flutter CLI for this purpose. They explain that Flutter Webflow is a utility that allows pulling code from Flutter Flow to the local machine without using the GUI or GitHub. They talk about downloading Flutter from the website and unzipping it. They mention adding it to the PATH or dragging the unzipped file to the Applications folder for easier access. They discuss using the command "flutter flow export code" with the required arguments for project identity and token. They suggest using "--help" for more information on the command and explain how to find the project ID and token.

(Source: Office Hours Extra - Flutterflow Export 6/5 )

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