Using Mock Data and Recruiting Test Subjects for User Acceptance Testing

In this meeting, the State Changer, David, is seeking assistance in prefilling mock data for system testing purposes. He wants to create a common language for business descriptions using a specific code system. He is unsure how to create a form for this and how to find test subjects for stress testing. Another State Changer, Camier, suggests using a service called Fiverr to hire individuals to perform test runs on the system. This can provide valuable data on system functionality but may not replicate how a real business user would approach it. They also discuss the importance of user acceptance testing and the need for friendly users to provide feedback. It is recommended to involve non-expert friends and family members to start gathering insights. Additionally, it is suggested to allow them to type in their own inputs rather than providing them with predefined profiles. They also mention the benefit of recording the screen during testing to better understand user actions and replicate any issues. David expresses interest in trying this with his family members and potentially using Zoom to record their screen. Overall, the meeting provides insights on utilizing Fiverr for test subjects, the importance of user acceptance testing, and the benefits of involving friendly users in the testing process.

(Source: Office hours 2/21 )

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