Using Script Tags for Easy Code Management and Page Updates

The meeting was focused on discussing the use and benefits of the script tag tool. The State Changers discussed their experience with using the script tag, with David and Michael confirming their usage. The script tag allows users to bring in internal code and have it run on their webpage. In the case of Webflow, users can copy an actual script tag that is connected to their code. This enables them to make changes to the code and simply refresh the page to see the updates, without the need to republish. The discussion also touched upon the use of a Weweb snippet in Webflow, which allows the inclusion of custom JavaScript without the need to publish the site. The snippet can be added to the page load functionality and is visible in the editor, allowing for easy modification and debugging. The group also mentioned the benefits of using console.log and dev tools for debugging in JavaScript. Overall, the meeting emphasized the convenience and flexibility of using the script tag tool and related techniques.

(Source: Deep Dive - Javascript for Low-Code 8/2/2023 )

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