Using Weweb and PostHog for Dynamic Landing Page Analytics

During the meeting, Sir mentioned that he wants to create a dynamic landing page where certain elements can be changed based on user input. He mentioned that he is using Xano and Webflow for this project. He also wants to integrate PostHog for website analytics and gather user IDs. Sir expressed his concern about handling user information correctly, especially when users switch between desktop and mobile devices.

Anthony suggested looking into the PostHog SDK and JavaScript API to see how to grab the PostHog user and send it to Xano. He also recommended using specialized tools like PostHog for AB testing instead of relying solely on Xano. Sir agreed to explore the JavaScript libraries and said he will circle back on Monday for further discussion. The meeting concluded with a mention of other team members, Camir and Daniel, who are currently working on similar telemetry projects.

(Source: Office Hours 8/25/2023 )

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