Using Xano API with Clickup: Precondition and Error Handling

In this meeting, the State Changer, Evan, asks a question about best practices for making an API call in Xano. He wants to know if using a precondition is the correct pattern or if there is anything else he needs to consider. They discuss the impact of using a precondition, particularly in the context of firing the API call from ClickUp. They mention that using a precondition will send back an error code to ClickUp if there are any errors, which may affect the communication between ClickUp and the webhook. They also mention the possibility of ClickUp not responding if it receives an error message. They suggest Evan find out if ClickUp can handle receiving an error message or if he needs to use an if-then statement instead of a precondition.

They also discuss Evan's use of emojis to visually organize his code and the inclusion of a group function in Xano. They agree that using a group function to organize rows in Xano is a good idea. Finally, they mention that there will be office hours the next day and express their appreciation for the assistance provided during the meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 8/10/2023 )

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