Using Xano to manipulate API data and store it in tables

During the meeting, the State Changers discussed various topics related to their work. They talked about the frequency of their meetings, which is five days a week. They also discussed a technical issue regarding importing JSON data from an API into a table without having to manually handle nested structures. They discovered that using a JSON field in Xano allows them to directly import and store nested data. They also discussed manipulating and referencing the imported JSON data for future use.

Another topic of discussion was about creating a variable to store the "list date min" for property listings. They talked about using Xano's built-in filters to subtract an hour from the current timestamp and store it as the variable value. This allows them to pull all listings from the previous hour to avoid missing any new listings. They also touched on the idea of using a function with input fields to manually input data for testing purposes. This would be useful in the absence of a front-end interface. Lastly, they discussed the process of running tests on property listings using a buy box test concept. They mentioned the possibility of using a function to determine if a listing passes certain criteria and determining whether or not it should be underwritten. Overall, the meeting covered topics related to importing and manipulating data from APIs, creating variables for timestamp calculations, testing data inputs, and implementing logic for decision-making processes.

(Source: Office Hours 9/16 )

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