Utilizing AI for Categorization and Question Generation in Xano

During the meeting, the participants discussed a potential use case involving the categorization of data based on specific tags. They mentioned the use of a natural language model in their AI system to handle different use cases or purposes. The AI's response to user requests might not always align perfectly with the specified use case, so there may be a need to edit prompts based on the specific circumstances. One participant mentioned using a use case to help categorize their work and manage multiple prompts effectively. They also discussed the front-end options available to actual users, with one participant mentioning the use of Xano for their specific use case. The AI had already generated likert scales for the participant based on the questions asked, but occasionally, there were blanks that needed to be filled in manually. The participant could rerun the AI to address those blanks.

(Source: Office Hours Extra - OpenAI 2/10 )

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