Webflow and Xano Integration Explanation

In this meeting, State Changer George discusses a technical issue related to returning data to a colleague named Brandon. George explains that he has created a dynamic header that will serve as a call center, and he needs to find a way to return that header to Brandon. They discuss making the endpoint public but express concern about security. They determine that they will make the endpoint more secure by using Xano's method of handling public endpoints. They discuss the importance of delivering the document to the customer and generating a link for them to download it. They also note the need for a key table to manage access to the file and ensure it remains valid for a certain time period. They discuss the different ways to pass information to the endpoint, including query parameters, dynamic pathing, and the post body. They also talk about the benefits of using the "get" method, such as caching and faster delivery. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the performance impact of caching and the importance of optimizing the backend infrastructure to improve overall performance.

(Source: Office Hours 2/3 )

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