Working with Complex Functions and Iterations in Xano

In this meeting, State Changers discuss a coding problem they are facing. And, Camry expresses frustration with the complexity of the code and asks for help from the group. Ray explains the concept of using a for loop in the code and simplifying it using a reducer pattern. They discuss the difference between a for each loop and a for loop and how to implement it in their code. Ray also advises Camry to update variables directly instead of using dot notation, and to bring context along with functions by making it part of the input and output. They discuss ways to improve the code and address specific challenges. They also briefly discuss the possibility of updating inputs of a function and explore different solutions. Ray encourages Camry to try different approaches and reminds them that finding the right solution takes time and experimentation. The meeting ends with a commitment from Camry to try the suggested ideas and seek further assistance if needed.

(Source: Office Hours 8/4/2023 )

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