Working with Xano to Create Workout Sets in a Fitness App

In this meeting, the team is working on a mobile app called Chrome for fitness workouts. They are trying to set up a system where users can add multiple sets of exercises to their workouts. The issue they are facing is that when a user adds a new set, it should be numbered appropriately based on whether there are existing sets or not. They discuss a query to retrieve the sets and sort them in descending order to find the highest number. If there are no sets, a new set should be added with the number one. If there are existing sets, a new set should be added with the highest number plus one. They make adjustments to the query and successfully test the functionality. The team expresses appreciation for the conditional function and plans to continue using it. The meeting concludes with a reminder for the next office hours session.

(Source: Office Hours 4/17 Evening )

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