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Ray's superpower is clarity. He always lifts the conversation from the immediate problem to the bigger issue or concept. I learn every time I talk with him. His State Change community does this at scale - an easy recommend to every Xano customer.
Prakash ChandranCEO @ Xano

A Letter From Ray

I keep hearing how no-code is easy, but we all know better. 80% is easy. 15% is work. But that last 5% is the difference between shipping and not, and it can feel impossible.

That's why I started State Change. We focus on the hard parts of no-code, which are usually the parts that separate your tool, product, or business from the pack.

Everyone's hardest 5% is different, and it changes over time. The important part is keeping your focus on what matters. That's our mission. I've done that for years as a high-end consultant, and as a group we have been at this for over 18 months. Our results speak for themselves.

By focusing on the bits that matter, we develop new habits of mind that let us not only crack today's problems. but future ones too. The State Change mental model starts with permission - "you will build this again" - but ends with an elevation to shipping speed you didn't know was possible. Its my joy to see people crack through their hesitations and become the technologists they can be.

We have business leaders, agencies, freelancers and employees in our group. Both experienced developers and self-avowed "non-technical founders." But when we work together, all become extraordinary creators.

We look for everyone involved in our group to be committed to the act of creation, and looking to solve their hardest 5%. If that's you, please check us out.

I can't wait to learn with you.


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The key to State Change's success helping people with their hardest problems is a mental model that proritizes asking questions and applying disciplines that have repeatedly helped break logjams and forge successful projects.

This mental model is the most valuable asset our members gain through their participation. We keep hearing that State Change is more like school than a fix-it program. And the best schools help us learn how to think.

Join us, and you will think like a technologist.

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