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The State Change Program gives you tools, guidance and the help you need to break through the hard parts and ship your project.

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Ray's superpower is clarity. He always lifts the conversation from the immediate problem to the bigger issue or concept. I learn every time I talk with him. His State Change community does this at scale - an easy recommend to every Xano customer.
Prakash ChandranCEO @ Xano


Why State Change Works

The key to State Change's success helping people with their hardest problems is a mental model that proritizes asking questions and applying disciplines that have repeatedly helped break logjams and forge successful projects.

This mental model is the most valuable asset our members gain through their participation. We keep hearing that State Change is more like school than a fix-it program. And the best schools help us learn how to think.

Join us, and you will think like a technologist.

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Experts and Partners in Leading Low-Code and AI Technologies - Some Examples

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What We Help With

We focus on the hardest parts of your project, which can encompass a number of areas. Here are some places we have made a difference for our members.


Zapier, Integromat, Google Scripts, Github actions - and so many more!


Connect to the revenues and finance that drive your business. Stripe is popular - but there are so many more!


Flutterflow, Draftbit, Flutter, React Native, Fastlane, Expo - all on your path to App Store and Google Play!


Connect with "just enough code" in the form of Javascript, Dart, DEX, Python - whatever connects you with the resources that create value


So often the business value of our app is in the weird API that nobody has worked with before. We have an approach that lets us discover and unlock that power.

Artificial Intelligence

Prompt engineering, data science, MLOps - the pieces that let you connect to the awesome powers available today. Ray's Data Science background comes in handy!

Data Transformation

Over and over we see the biggest challenge being getting square pegs into round holes. How do we manipulate the data from our users, APIs, etc to store or send to where it needs to go? We work on loops, filters, maps reducer patterns - and more - to solve this eternal problem.
My first purchase as a no code would always be statechange.ai @ray_deck has solved THE most painful problem in no code that one thing you just can't figure out but it would all work if you did highly recommend @StateChangeAI for @nocodebackend devs

How We Help

State Change gives you tools to solve your problems - fast!

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Videos On The Hard Parts

All of our Office Hours and Deep Dives get cut, transcribed and summarized with generative AI so you can search for the answers and discussions that will help you the most. Our library includes over 1,400 videos on our topics.

This is the biggest treasure trove of wisdom in our industry. It's Stack Overflow meets Netflix for No-Code!
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A Vibrant Forum Full of Answers

We start our conversations in the forum with people posting their issues using words, examples and screensharing video.
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Office Hours

We hold office hours for our Pro Members several times per week and at a variety of times to accommodate the needs of the worldwide community of no-coders. From Stockholm to Sydney and Seoul to Seattle, you can find a time where we work on the hardest parts.

Live participation is limited to our pro members, but everyone gets access to the recordings, which then get cut into our searchable recording library within a couple of days.
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Deep Dives

Some topics are too big for an office hour segment. We set aside hours to work on the especially tricky parts of no-code. Past topics have included managing push notifications in Flutterflow, Javascript techniques for low-code applications, and even a view of building a React app to show where the lines are between low-code and "pro code".

Live participation is limited to our pro members, but everyone gets access to the recordings, which then get cut into our searchable recording library within a couple of days.
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Sometimes we need to bring some code to our low-code applications.

ScriptTag is a tool exclusively for State change members to let you do that more quickly, and (when you choose) in collaboration with your fellow members.

ScriptTag makes it really easy and fast to share and implement those bits of "just enough" javascript that can crack the hardest part of your project.
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More Every Day

More Office hours and topical videos.

More Deep Dives into the hard parts of these platforms

More forum discussions uncovering the latest techniques.

More answers for the questions holding you up.

We decide which more based on the feedback of our members. How can we help you make more progress?

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Who We Do It For

As a newbie in Xano, having Ray for support is absolutely invaluable. His vast knowledge is also very important when asking about other territories so he’s a one stop shop for anything and everything our team has ever needed to clarify/enquire about. He’s worth every penny and more!
Lesa MClient Accelerators

I wasted hours (30'ish), trying to solve an image upload challenge. Ray not only new what to look for, what to ask, but also did some scouting on the SaaS provider I was connecting to Xano. He knew what to do, how to do it, and answered all, ALL, my questions.
Ed MartinezSepirak

I got so much out of this call. Having access to Ray's expertise is something that I'm really thankful for. He's saved me a lot of time and stress, and now I can move forward with my project.
Aaron RudinTrueFan

I would highly recommend SCP to any nocode founder out there. Having a dedicated community of smart like-minded people in your pocket is extremely valuable as you can get direct feedback on ideas and problems right away instead of spending weeks doing your own research and still not finding the solution you need. This is an investment worth making!
Brandon HasslerTechAudit.tv

In addition to specific solutions to my issues, I also received holistic advice on approaching my work. Ultimately preventing headaches from occuring in the first place.
Fernando Lucci

What are the best no-code communities out there?

@StateChangeAI is a fantastic paid community lead by the amazing @ray_deck "How To Solve The Hardest 5% of Your No-Code Project" - Covers various no-code platforms. I joined StateChange for assistance optimizing the performance of my Xano application.

Shoutout to @Ray_Deck from #Statechange. If you ever face (really) tough technical challenges in the no-code world, he's a prime source for help.
Leon BarthBMG.Studio

What an incredible resource. Ray knows what to do, how to do it, why to do it, with a smile, sprinkled with historical background, best practices, and future considerations. Ray is buy far one of the best values my company can, has, and will continue to spend for. If you are on the fence, undecided, just do it, get Ray, and save yourself hours.

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