Our Story - A Letter From Ray

We Made State Change for Builders Like You

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About the Hardest 5%

No-code promises to be easy, but it still has hard parts that people don't tell you about. In my experience, no-code/low-code projects have three parts.

1. 80% is work. You put one foot in front of the other, but it seems intuitive on its face.
2. 15% is hard. You do some research and experiment, and the project seems to yield slowly - often too slowly. One wonders, "is this how easy no-code is supposed to be?
3. 5% feels impossible - like you ran into a wall. "This just doesn't make sense!" In these moments, shipping is at its most precarious because you lose all-important momentum.

The 15% and 5% show up at different times for different projects. Sometimes the hard part is unsticking how to plan the data. Sometimes it's at the end, like shipping that mobile app to the Apple and Google stores. But whenever it hits, it is easy to feel despair.

You don't need all the answers.

My name is Ray Deck. I've been a founder, CTO, and consultant. Over 25 years, I have learned that the through-line for all these roles is that of a teacher or coach.We mustn't think we have to possess all the answers. A lot of it is being able to step back and find the right question and mental model that breaks open that brutal 5%.

I created Statechange PRO to help you get past that 5% and ship their project by helping you help yourself.

We use office hours, forums, and the support of our fellow members to give you the tools to make the impossible 5% possible and that hard 15% tolerable. In short, make progress.

Our early days have shown the success of our model.

Founders and builders have cracked hard problems that previously nettled them for days and weeks.But right now, as you'll see below, I'm looking for a specific person to join this small, intimate cohort of dedicated builders.If you're serious about shipping your project and moving on to that exciting next step in your business, I'd invite you to read the page below and apply for membership.I can't wait to learn with you.

Ray Deck


Questions we hear a lot

Who Is Behind State Change?

State Change was founded by <a href="https://raydeck.com">Ray Deck</a>, a 20+ year veteran of software as a founder, leader of techonlogy teams, and consultant to teams and professionals at large enterprises, including NASA.

What if a State Change Program Doesn't Work For Me?

We think this is going to be a slam dunk value for members looking to make progress. But if in the first month you conclude this is not for you, reach out using the feedback form. We will process a full refund and part friends.

What if I Need More Help?

We have stages of programs to get you the help you need when you need it. For trusted members, we have private 1-1 and corporate team coaching programs.

Does This Work? Have Others Had Success?

Does it ever. But don't take our word for it. Check us out on social media. You can start with some reviews we've collected.

Can You Build This App for Me?

We can connect you with State Change members who are themselves excellent freelancers and agencies. Our model is to help make all of you more successful builders.

I have a different question!

Wonderful! We live for the novel issue or query. Contact us and we'll get right back to you.

How Long Have You Been Around?

State Change recorded the first office hour session in June 2022. We're still going 300 office hours later, and we're looking forward to the next 300. Ray just can't get enough of working on new technical problems, and the no-code and AI worlds offer a ton of them. As he's fond of saying, we're looking forward to learning with you!