The State Change Guarantee

State Change is a riskless investment.

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How Our Guarantee Works

I made State Change to help you make progress without having to hand over the whole engagement to yet another agency or consultant. This led me to create a model I haven't really seen before - outcomes-oriented, video-first, and focused just on the hard parts.

This model has produced extraordinary results for our members. We've helped with complexities in data, APIs, mobile deployment, machine learning - the list goes on. But how can you be confident it will help you?

I know that when I look where to spend my money, I ask, "Can it really help?" I want you to invest even this small amount with confidence. If you join and decide in the first month that this isn't adding value, you can reach out using a link on our forum site and request a refund. We'll get that processed for you and part friends.

But reach out first! My north star is proving out the promise of no-code/low-code. We can move faster and with greater confidence and less risk. The key to the toughest 5% is doing it together.

-Ray Deck
Founder, State Change

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