Addressing API Call Challenges and Form Resetting in JavaScript

The State Changers covered several topics in this meeting, including:

1. They discussed solving an issue related to path edition using JavaScript. 2. One of the State Changers delved into a problem about handling large API calls. The idea was to run the API call as a background task whenever there is new data, fetch it from a database, and improve the time to run from a minute. 3. The API in discussion was a public endpoint intersecting the benefits benchmarking ID, tech/non-tech, and headcount. 4. A topic about utilizing a background task to run every few seconds was discussed, reflecting on its potential for a cost-effective solution. 5. Later in the meeting, the team looked into a problem about resetting a form field after clicking 'Post' in Wiz. They approached it using jQuery inside Webflow, ensuring the info gets captured before it's cleared. 6. They successfully resolved this issue, ensuring that every time a submit action triggers an API refresh, the comment input field is reset to blank. The meeting included problem-solving with many code-related issues, namely JavaScript, API calls, and form inputs. The team cooperated to find effective solutions, demonstrating a successful collaborative approach and communication.

(Source: Office Hours 2/6 )

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