Addressing API Callback Issues and Enhancing Webhook Management

The State Changers discussed how to manage an implementation issue, specifically around extracting and storing information from user inputs within a web application. The two primary methods proposed to do this were session storage and server storage. They also addressed how to manipulate callback URLs in the API call to handle different API requests.

An important part of the discussion revolved around webhook call logs and how to correctly interpret and handle incoming data. It emerged that the system in use was having a hard time interpreting the data as it was coming in two distinct formats. The State Changers proposed a solution that involved checking the headers of incoming data and splitting the processing based on whether the data was URL encoded or in another format. This insight will be valuable in the context of handling multiple simultaneous requests, as well as making the system more streamlined, more reliable, and more testable. The session also provided clarity on using session IDs, storing data to the database, HTTP headers, and remote IP. Keywords mentioned: Session Storage, Callback URL, API, JSON, Webhook, Headers, HTTP.

(Source: Office Hours 3/3 )

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