Addressing API Errors and Improving the Submission Process to Webflow with Xano

In this meeting, State Changers focused on working through an API sorter issue related to "Xano" and "Webflow". The participant encountered a problem while trying to submit form fields to Webflow; he received a success response, but no actions were triggering as expected. Through debugging, it was discovered that the issue was a 400 error response from the server suggesting that 'fields' data was required but was not being sent.

It was found that even if Xano receives a negative response such as a 400 error, it does not stop or throw an error, leading to the conclusion that error responses from Xano need careful monitoring. The problem seemed to lie in the formatting of 'slug', a component of the URL. It was suggested that spaces in the slug field should be replaced with dashes to ensure proper validation. The meeting ended with the participants planning to continue working on addressing these issues, with a focus on debugging and correct formatting of data.

(Source: Office Hours 8/19 )

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