Addressing App Performance Issues and Optimizing API Calls

During this meeting, the State Changers discussed potential issues surrounding the performance of a software application. Their conversation largely revolved around problems associated with the delays in the Loading API calls, swiping between two navbar items, and managing auth tokens.

They identified sources of delay, such as the time an API call in Xano takes to respond or a potential traffic jam imposed by multiple slow requests. They considered solutions to these issues which included introducing an optimistic load, improving back-end speed, and being more cautious about making calls from the front-end. They also identified that with multiple requests occurring simultaneously, there might be a possibility of overloading the server and creating a traffic jam scenario. They drew an analogy to traffic flow on highways to elucidate this point and suggested focusing on both ends of the problem to mitigate it. To address the issue of slow responses, they proposed using the response caching feature in Xano to store the same input and, as a result, quicken the response time for repetitive requests. They also suggested optimizing the traffic by modifying the Time To Live (TTL) cache duration. Concerning the management of auth tokens, the State Changers proposed writing down the date of auth token expiration and calculating whether a refresh is necessary based on the date rather than making a back-end call. This change would rely on mathematical calculations, which are cheaper than API calls in terms of computational resources. Software tools mentioned during the meeting include Xano, FlutterFlow and Comnoco.

(Source: Office Hours 11/23 )

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