Addressing Application Development: Resolving Xcode Errors and Exploring Effective App Deployment Strategies

In this meeting, State Changers discussed challenges and solutions related to app development using Flutter, Xcode, and other tools. Some key insights included:

- They discussed the erratic behaviour of Xcode. An issue of intermittent non-builds in Xcode was pointed out. However, it was indicated that this is not necessarily a problem - instead, it's a common occurrence due to how Xcode changes its own files. A temporary solution would be, particularly during continuous delivery, to try building more than once. - The issue of push notifications not working on the test device came up. Further exploration was needed to understand and solve this particular problem. - The group considered the challenge of moving from a working version of a Bubble app to a Flutter version. Fears were raised about potential problems after publishing the Flutter version and the possibility of reverting back to the Bubble app. - They discussed the challenges of app deployment in both Google Play and iOS App Store. They highlighted that binary changes always have to go through the App Store, which leads to delays. It was suggested to govern new implementations using a feature flag system that would allow a smooth roll-back if necessary. - A distinction was made between changes to binary (needs to go through the App Store) and changes to data/assets which can be pushed through Over-The-Air (OTA) updates. The gray zone in between where bigger functionality changes are pushed as assets was discussed. - There was an extended discussion around how to quickly rollback an app after it is published. Using Over-The-Air updates and feature flags was a recommended strategy. - The State Changers also highlighted the variability in App Store approval times, with the first approval potentially taking a week and subsequent updates taking a day or half. They also warned that this process could slow down during rush periods in the holiday season. - The ideal timing for an app to go to the App Store was discussed. To mitigate any issues or delays, it was suggested to aim to get the app through the App Store a couple of weeks before it is planned to be marketed.

(Source: Office Hours 9/13/2023 )

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