Addressing Authentication Challenges in Strategy Form Building using Xano and Typeform

In this meeting, the State Changers troubleshoot a problem involving user authentication from Typeform to Zano via an API call. James and Bailey face a challenge that Typeform cannot send authorizing headers to Zano as a webhook. Hence, they're unable to authenticate the user, and they seek guidance on how to circumvent this limitation. The solution hinges on the novel idea of creating an additional authenticated endpoint within Zano and using Zano to translate and send the authorization header.

Once the second endpoint is established, the user is authenticated beforehand, thereby obviating the need for precondition testing. The challenge encountered during the procedure is that Zano occasionally forgets when a variable reference as opposed to a literal string is intended, leading to minor misunderstandings. However, this is resolved by focusing on the requirement's syntax. Lastly, the participants learn how to run a debug session and adjust Zano's settings to correctly deliver the authentication token from Typeform. The resultant procedure, although unconventional, successfully resolves the problem and paves the way for future, potentially more complex queries.

(Source: Office Hours 10/12 )

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