Addressing Challenges in Using Encrypted Data and Altering JSON Format to Plain Text in API Webhook

This meeting attended by the State Changers involved a detailed discussion about a technical issue with a project related to handling requests and responses in a specific format. Keywords from the list mentioned in the briefing include: State Change and Zano.

The problem at hand was a third-party's requirement to set headers as plain text instead of JSON format. The participant was working with encrypted data using Zano's API webhook but was confronted with a request for a plain-text response in XML format. The team discussed the distinction between what data they are sending versus what the third-party entity wants to receive. To resolve the issue, the team went through a process of code debugging step-by-step. They first decoded the information they received, then they focused on decrypting the string of data. A custom function was created, named 'decrypt' that involved multiple steps such as using a 'decode' function and returning the desired value. Utilizing Postman for testing, they confirmed the functionality of the 'decrypt' function. The team then focused on handling content types correctly and setting headers to receive data in a required format. After some attempts and modifications, the issue was resolved. The meeting proved beneficial for team members to understand tricky technical aspects of setting headers, processing JSON and plain text data, and working with encrypted data. Finally, successful troubleshooting resulted in desired API responses in the right format.

(Source: Office Hours 11/2/2023 )

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