Addressing Challenges with Wizd, JavaScript and Webflow: A Discussion on Version Control and Managing Coding Complexity for No-Code Situations

In the State Changers meeting, the participants discussed the challenges they were facing with no-code tools like Wizd and web development platform Webflow.

The main pain point presented by David was that Wizd was not cooperating with his JavaScript coding, and it was particularly difficult to manipulate data on the web page through this tool. Another issue was the disruptive effects to other aspects of his web pages when applying Wizd code to his staging header. David also expressed his struggles with the inability to revert back to previous versions of web pages without affecting the entire site. When he wants to return to an older page version without impacting other pages, the available function in Webflow restores the whole site, which is not what he desires. A suggested solution for the backup issue was to regularly clone the site, which will allow the user to review changes made since the last clone. However, this approach isn't optimal as it doesn't provide comprehensive version control, and it could increase the complexity. A tool called NC Scale was discussed, which offers revision history and tracking for low code tools. Though NC Scale has yet to integrate with tools like Wizd or Webflow, the tool might be useful once the integration is done. Another suggestion was to seek help in the Webflow forum where experienced users and experts might offer useful solutions. The participants agreed that as no-code solutions increase in complexity and scale, managing changes and ensuring smooth operation becomes more challenging. In terms of working out nuances with CSS in HTML, they also acknowledged the complexity inherent in this subsystem, despite efforts from systems like Bubble to augment and simplify CSS handling. Overall, the meeting addressed the complexities and challenges in using no-code and low-code tools like Wizd and Webflow, solutions for website backup and version control issues, along with the intricacies of working with CSS in HTML. The meeting could be beneficial to software developers or no-code enthusiasts facing similar challenges, or those who are looking to better understand the nuances of these platforms.

(Source: Office Hours 1/2 )

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